I have been painting since I was a young girl because have always felt the need to express myself through colors and painting. As the years went by, the momentum to pursue my passion gained strength, and I became eager to learn the different painting techniques. After following many art classes, I decided to undertake academic studies.

I graduated in “Restoration and conservation of cultural heritage” in 2005, and in 2009 I graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cuneo.

During my journey to the discovery of the various painting techniques, I run into watercolor.

The freshness, transparency, and those unique nuances coming from the water astonished me. Watercolor painting welcomes me, and let me play with its colors, the magic of water, and the texture of the paper—it allows me to create a unity among purpose, feelings and actions.

By looking at my paintings you can feel that I am a sensitive and cheerful artist. I’m in love with colors and the hidden simplicity and beauty confined in small things. Humans, animals and flowers enchant me. My eyes gaze the world around me in search of new stimuli. Sometimes I get lost while admiring a special light on a face or a particular reflections on a woman hair, a remarkable look or the shape of a mouth. Magically, in those moments, the inspiration to paint arises.

The most interesting part of painting a portrait is to be able to represent the subject’s soul, personality, and dreams. This is a challenge that fascinates me incredibly. After making the drawing, I always start painting the eyes to create a bond. The gaze must be alive, transparent, luminous and, by looking at it, the viewer should perceive the subject’s thoughts. When I succeed in representing this magic, I get deeply moved. It is as if a unique indissoluble bond was created between us. I become aware that the subject allows me to read its intimate feelings, and while painting I give to my subject a part of myself.

When I paint I have very special allies: the colors. Colors are my biggest friends. I know them one by one, I know their personalities. Some of them are clear and transparent, others have a rougher nature so they granulate on a watercolor paper. Some others are serious and immovable guys, which even if I add water, they do not run on the paper. There are some specific colors that I regularly use in my paintings. However, since I don’t want limits in expressing my feelings, I just let my emotion lead me in choosing the exact colors depending on my sensations, or on the atmosphere of the painting. When I paint I create a dialogue between me and my painting. I feel it when it asks me to use certain colors or specific reflections. Therefore, I play with it and I enjoy the moment painting freely.

A special person who has accompanied me in these years is Titti Garelli. I thank her and her precious teachings which helped me to find my own painting style and my own watercolor technique.

In 2014, with my great satisfaction, I became a member of the Italian Watercolor Association, and I started to participate in exhibitions, selections, and competitions at national and international level.

For some years now, in my home studio in Robilante, Cuneo, Italy,  I teach classes and workshops to help people to express themselves through painting and drawing.

And it is right here, on the slopes of the Alps, nourished by the beauty of the surrounding nature that I work at my watercolors.